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Beauty Maven Alert


Beauty Maven - I am decidedly not.

I am about as low maintenance as it gets in the beauty department. I’d rather be running around in the mountains, surfing oceans, writing, working, making art, and conquering the world. All kidding aside… but seriously, holistic health is my all-the-time gig.

Beauty is a part of holistic health. I prefer to keep it simple, smart, and earth-friendly.

When we look good, we feel good. When we feel good, we look good.

With the water I introduced into my life only a few months ago, I have noticed even in the dry winter climates I choose to live, that my skin and hair is recovering a great deal more. 

With amazing organic eco products and face serums in place for a long time, I knew that because I was drinking plenty of water, but was still thirsty and still experiencing drier skin, something was amiss.

I completed full check ups with all of my doctors. All is well. But no matter how much water I was drinking, while searching for a nearest ladies room, I was still thirsty and my skin still leaned toward dry.

With this new-to-me water, not only is my thirst quenched, but my skin, most noticeably my face, hands, and hair are no longer in constant need of oil, lotion and conditioner applications. I use the same pH water everywhere, so much less need for any facial toners, conditioners or copious amounts of moisturizers.

Incredible not only for me and my family, but for:

  1. my pocketbook in regard to beauty product purchases

  2. the planet in regard to reduction of plastic and any other format that bottles lotions and potions

Now I’m not gonna lie. 

I live in one of the coldest, driest and highest elevations in North America. I am 48 years old. I have always leaned to the dry side when it comes to hair, skin and nails. So it is a long-time challenge and I stand by the products I do still use and offer as recommendations.

After a couple decades of slathering straight-up African Shea Butter on my hands (and feet) to keep them from drying, cracking, peeling and becoming unsightly due to constant hand-washing while working in hospitality, trail running plenty of mileage, and teaching yoga - these styles of work/play coupled with client and business meetings, I am beyond grateful that the days of swimming in moisturizers is OVER. 

I dip in once in a while when the harsh climate really rears its head, but one less step in my daily routine is a blessing.

Ultimately, it lends to what we are all looking for more of…


TIME with family, chosen-family, friends, and animal companions.

To me, this is what Holistic Health is truly all about.

Become an Eco Beauty Maven

Home & Office Detox


Have you considered your home and office environments in relation to your health?

From natural light to decluttering to detoxing, there are many ways to clear our environments, creating space for what is next.

From a holistic health standpoint, this is crucial to creating intentions, setting goals, and making change happen.

I’ve touched on the use of essential oils, houseplants and smudging to detox indoor environments. Keep these in play daily.

But what about straight up old-fashioned CLEANING?

Toxins in the home and office can have an impact on a cellular level leading to health issues.

With the water system I now have in place, I have said goodbye to nasty chemical cleansers, great quality cleansers that unfortunately still arrive in some form of plastic, eliminating these purchases altogether meaning cash-money back in my pocket.

What’s not to love? 

Our home should be our sanctuary. A place to rest, relax, and restore for the next day to come. 

Our office should be a place of high performance. A place to work smarter versus harder.

Homes include cleaning out kitchens, medicine cabinets, beauty products, cleaning products, wardrobes and entryways, welcoming friends and family. Offices include clearing out filing cabinets, shelves full of no-longer used books, supplies and endless paper goods, desks plus entry ways to welcome clientele.

Plus both environments welcome kiddies with sniffles and clients coming in from off of public transportation, working with tourists coming off of airplanes, and especially in winter months warding off colds and flus - the simple need to clean and clear is absolute.

I am offering a simple and effective way to detox the places we spend most of our time.


The most powerful one I’ve found to date is with my awesome 2.5ph Kangen Water.  This water kills 99.9% of all germs. This water is so effective that it is employed by over 400 Japanese hospitals for sterilization purposes.

Want to learn more about how to detox your favorite environments? 

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