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Intuition and deep desire for freedom have always led me to live a holistic lifestyle. From working nights to keep days free for daily outside adventures, to start-up teams, to self-employment beginning in 2005. Outside of a broken leg with two surgeries attached in 2014/15 and a quick six months of crazy after the Economic Recession of 2008, the personal and entrepreneurial expansion is endless.

Unwilling to settle for the toxicity within the industries that supported my lifestyle, a small fortune in certifications, courses, workshops, camps, mentorships, and live trainings resulted in a full load of holistic health coaching clients + teaching yoga to private clients in the Tetons. Not to mention investing in copious amounts of self-healing modalities for almost 20 years from the North, South, East and West.

Non-negotiables now prevent me from drifting back into severe ailments rooted in work-related stress. Our birthright is to live whole, healthy, expressive and stress-free lives. Layering online business now further supports exactly that. Elated to be working with progressive people all over the globe dedicated to working smarter versus harder, creating passive income, while serving more people in the process.

Love, support, humility, vulnerability, connection, community, integration of the masculine and feminine, movement, the infinite breath, and above all, raising the collective is the only way forward.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Holistic Health Coach
New York, NY

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training
Santa Monica, CA

Advanced Yoga Psychology with Ashley Turner
300-hour Yoga Teacher Training
Venice, CA

Flow Genome Project
Courses + Live Trainings
Alumni + Mentor