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Clean Veggies


Remember that E. coli outbreak from romaine lettuce late last year? 


I’m far from an alarmist, but I’m definitely not interested in E. coli. Are you?

Let’s clean up those veggies.

Even the water you rinse them with matters.

It’s important to eat organic fruit and vegetables, when possible, because they are more free of chemicals and pesticides that are used in the growing process of conventional produce. But know that even if organic, produce can still test positive for pesticides and other chemicals. Despite what most consumers believe, pesticides are used on organic produce as well. Nearly all farmers, including on organic farms, use pesticides.

Locally grown eatsare also preferable. But often, depending on the season and your location, the local grocery store is the only alternative. Much of this produce comes from all over the world, and may not have been farmed in best soils nor with best practices in place, whether organic or conventional.

Will washing these veggies with tap water remove the chemicals and pesticides? 

Most likely, the answer is NO. These chemicals and pesticides are oil-based. Tap water does not dissolve oil-based products.

Sure, other ways to effectively, although less effectively, wash produce, do exist. But I am also 100% behind cutting down on all waste these products come in. Primarily plastic containers, but all paper, plastic, and even recycled materials. 

We are now beyond recycling and related solutions, folks. Everything is at stake. Yvon Chouinard, Founder of Patagonia passionately speaks on our current crisis HERE.

"What I really want to get across is that we’re in an all-hands-on-deck type of situation. What’s at stake is not only the future of some endangered species or large mammals; it’s the future of humankind. And it’s gonna happen within people’s lifetimes. It’s a whole different scenario now. So let’s get on it."

How well do you know your water, tap water or otherwise?

Learn more HERE. While living in Los Angeles, I spent a lot of time learning about lovely realities such as antidepressants in our water supplies. Most of the water we drink today is contaminated by medications, fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals and copious amounts of chemicals. These toxic materials flood our environments from different directions, including from an ever-increasing number of petrochemical plants.

The best way I’ve found after about 10 years of research on what types of water are best to consume, as well as to use for growing and washing produce, is Kangen Water. 7 types of water are available from one machine for every use you could imagine. The 11.5 pH water is best for cleaning veggies. The Kangen Water Machine I own produces 11.5 strong alkaline water which removes most, if not all of the chemicals found in our produce.

Another tidbit many people do not realize is that these sprayed toxic materials easily fly through the air from the conventional crop, or vineyard, or animal factory farm nearby. 

If you’re a wine geek, you know that if there is a goat farm next to a vineyard, you can taste all kinds of goat on the wine created with grapes from the vineyard next to the goat farm. Ask any sommelier. This is not a bad trait at all. It is simply an expression of the terroir. The terroir, meaning the complete natural environment in which a particular wine is produced, including factors such as the soil, topography, and climate. 

I can refer you to several Master Sommeliers I worked with during my food and wine days if you’d like to learn more.

From organic foods we love, to the wine we drink, and hey Wellness Warriors, even those essential oils we use daily… it happens all the time. Organic goods do sometimes test positive for not-so-healthy components unless the company, such as Pangea Organics regarding essential oils, are adamant about offering the purest product possible.

Here is a new shocker article from March 14, 2019 on just that: America’s Fraudulent Organics Industry: 40% of All Organic Food Tested Positive for Prohibited Pesticides

If we can no longer rely on an organic standard, it’s probably pretty important we take matters into our own hands. 

Like so many things these days… the paradigm shift is truly upon us.

The Kangen water machine comes from the Japanese. Water experts to say the least. It is used in over 450 Japanese hospitals.

The Japanese also know their tea, spirits and cuisine quite well. Many industry leaders are committed to the quality water used in creating these products to make their artisan crafts taste best.

Progressive restaurants and lodges in Japan have also committed to you, their craft, and holistic health for all with water that works - holistically - for the whole - all of us. Everything is connected.

Japan shows the highest consumption of ionized water. They are:

… #1 in overall healthcare in the world

… #1 in overall longevity

The U.S. is #38 in longevity and overall healthcare. 

Our top three healthcare issues in the U.S. are:

1. Chronic Dehydration

2. Inflammation

3. Acidity in the Body ~ high acidity is where cancer cells grow like weeds

Beyond cleaning veggies and consumption, Kangen water’s range of uses is exceptional:

• Home Care: Cleaning and detoxing. Goodbye cleansers, even vinegar, as most arrive in plastic bottles and equate to more money going out of your pocket in the long run.

• Beauty + Personal Care: From facial toner to hair conditioner, it’s all about neutralizing the pH levels. Once again, goodbye to expensive lotions and potions that arrive in plastic or other non-recyclable containers. Dentists are even using this water to resolve dental diseases.

• Kitchen: From rinsing rice, pasta, or veggies to anything and everything in cooking. pHlevels in the body are beyond important to neutralize given those top three health issues of our time listed above.

• Garden: What your veggies consume, you consume. You are what you eat. Water matters.

• Pets: I’ve personally run a taste test with Loki 3 times and he chooses the pH level best for pets over tap water every time. If any beings run on full instinct + intuition + nature, it’s our furry friends. We care a lot about what he consumes, like most pet owners do!

For me personally, I, at long last, resolved an issue with constantly being thirsty even though I drink nothing but water.

Know that there are other water ionizers out there, but Kangen Water machines are medical grade and self-cleaning while others end up with mold and other issues. Watching our bottom line could not be more important with the income divide that is growing exponentially today.

So in looking at the big picture, Kangen Water is:

• Cheap

• Effective

• With zero side effects

What’s not to love?

Take care of those veggies and they will take care of ya right back.

If this resonates with you and you are interested in the full scoop on these water machines, please contact me directly. We all deserve clean food, clean water, and a healthy environment for the future of our kids.

Action is the Answer


Action is the Answer

Action is the antidote to fear.

Put yourself in an environment where the people around you are moving and in action.

When you take action you are metabolizing that energy, and you’re beginning to feel the movement. Feel that forward momentum.

It keeps you out of your head, leading from the heart, and moving forward. Even if just a little bit more than you were moving yesterday.

The fear-based thinking will still creep in. 

Here’s a big secret: It never goes away.

But the more you practice stepping into it and through it, it gets a little bit less scary and you come out the other side... with only a few bruises ;)

In the best of environments, you’re also supported full-circle in taking radical self-responsibility - a perfect place to grow your existence within all realms into a fully expressed life.

In this type of environment, it is an EVEN playing field. No one above, no one below.

When we rely on ourselves versus any partners, boyfriends, husband or wives, brothers or sisters, aunts or second cousins we find interdependence. Interdependence, a beautiful middle ground where we can squarely see codependency and independency on either end. We all sway one way or the other. The middle path is where we strive to be.

Action leads to becoming self-reliant, self-fulfilled, and therefore truly free. It is up to each of us individually.

First, find your fear.

Second, get curious and investigate where it’s coming from…

I found one root of my fear HERE.

Second, embracing that fear, take action. It might just turn out to be less scary, and even quite exhilarating once you do.

So get out here. Get moving.

Hint: Keep in mind that too much action is also out of balance. And equally hints at lack of self-worth. Yogis you know that either way, this is reference to manipura, the third chakra. Another topic we will cover another time.

If you’re still dreaming about what you want to do and wallowing around in why it hasn’t all magically happened out of thin air yet…

Action is the Answer

There are times when it all seems impossible. But this is YOUR one big life and no one can take it away from you except you.

Comment below on how you plan to take action today.

Feeling stuck? Reach out today.

(There you go, that too is taking action!)