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Effort + Ease

If you missed my last note - sign up HERE under “connect”. I spoke here in this video on “Action is the Answer”.

This is a not-to-be-missed follow up. 


Action is of utmost importance. The type of action and the percentage of your life put towards action is what actually matters.

The yogis reading this will understand the concept of Effort + Ease. 

I speak on it HERE for those less familiar. 

But how much does modern life lend to this philosophy?

Especially if you work in wellness full-time?

Or self-employed?

Or come from less traditional career paths?

Or you have investors and now you’d rather not?

Or even when you have a great position within a career you love with a stellar salary working M-F, but the boss isn’t afraid to impose on your weekend, YOUR time, even if in an energetic fashion by saying, “I’ll have that to you by EOD on Sunday.” Sunday? How does this resonate with you? How does it feel in your body?

(True story. You know who you are. Thank you for that nugget if you’re reading this you awesome single mom of two, sometimes three, with a PhD and a kick-A career.)

Thank you, Modern Society, but mostly… not so much. 

Effort + Ease is a concept challenging to take off of the yoga mat and into this modern world. 

Not impossible, but challenging.

Even more importantly as we become older and beautifully proficient at what we do, how much is modern life, the exponential rise in the cost of ummmm everything, most folks trading time for dollars versus creating passive income lending toward our financial futures? 

Younger or older, this matters.

And trust me after spending small fortunes studying and training with those “in the know”…

We don’t have much time. And the time is now.

Yes, real estate is one way to create passive income. But only if done well. 

And it’s not the only way. It’s certainly not the quickest avenue. And for those of us who live in places like Jackson Hole, working, owning businesses, giving back, spending most of our adult years here, for most, it is still not necessarily 1) attainable, nor 2) the best investment.

In seeking a solution to keeping my personal and professional life sustainable as well as meeting my needs, wants, desires + the needs, wants and desires of many, I’ve found a way.

Now do I think I have all the answers? Helllllll No. 

I’m a work in progress, probably more so than many of you :)

What I am saying though is that I have found a solution, tapping into a line of work that allows for right action, working smart, inner work + outer work in true balance. This work, this play, this dance, creating passive income, is like nothing else out there. 

Our community is finding 10x more success than what former careers allowed for…

I’ll gladly connect you to anyone in this community with vast experience in similar realms as you and I, as well as coming from various kinds of backgrounds… 

• Oil field workers in Canada

• Wellness warriors in Australia

• Sales consultants from TechLand

• Network marketers from the U.S. and New Zealand

• 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs… 

…who will tell you exactly that… there is nothing else like this patented platform out there.

If you think you already know, if you are already doing this, if you are living sustainably, then cool. All good.

If you are open, if you have a beginner’s mindset firmly in place at all times, if you believe in a growth mindset, if you believe in sustainable living, if you are open to learning more, if you are open to adding another layer of ease to what you already know and do, creating more income, creating massive impact, for yourself and for those around you, and love learning and tapping into yet another way to do what you’re literally already doing in many ways… and allow for more time to do what you love in real time all the time… holler at your girllllll.

I work with anyone from any background with any level of experience with this mindset.

Let’s get it done.

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