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Is THIS Holistic Health Coaching for You?


Earlier this year, I was inspired to write the following post on my holistic health coaching site, Après Sessions. The clients who really really want to make changes, to tweak everything just a little bit more, and who are most committed to moving past their own stories into service. are those who I feel so fortunate to support. It is truly a collaboration. They are making amazing things happen in the world. And I have so much appreciation for their commitment and desire to inspire others. Progression is potent on any level. But in a high performer, progression equates to tenfold the ripple affect. Looking back, "strict" may not be the best descriptor, but it gets the point across, yes?

I love when I hear about a fellow holistic coach: “Man, she’s really strict.” Good on her. Or him. They are being a coach. Would you expect anything less from a professional football coach? 

The thing about this work is that you already have the understanding that no matter who you are, there is an area, maybe two, perhaps even three, where you are officially “over it”. You are fed up your own stories. You are sick and tired of continual drama that yep – you are in part responsible for – and ready to own. You are ready to commit to due diligence and climb that hill.

This is something to celebrate in and of itself. And hey High Performers - this level of holistic work is about understanding that no matter how “successful” you are on the outside, change is inevitable and constant, so there are always areas where each and every one of us can not only tune in to, but turn up the volume. 

Tune into THIS to learn whether this style of holistic coaching is for you:

This style of holistic coaching is for you if you…

            …are ready to hone in on every single realm of life and tweak this & that to move from where you are now to where you want to be

            …want to become more potent at what you do

            …are ready to step up not only for yourself, but as an example for those you touch each day

            …are killing it at life except one little area in the back of your head that is driving you nuts

            ...personal and professional development is something you LOVE to geek out on

            …understand that there are no hacks. You just have to do the things. And there are always more things. And they change and ebb and flow with time.

            ….want to eloquently integrate your own personal development into all of your personal and professional relationships

            …want to collaborate towards a global consciousness of collective change

            ….want to locate a network of people to support you, guide you, teach you, coach you and your teams from where you are now to where you want to be

            …want to identify what is no longer serving you - today

            …are open-minded, open-hearted, know there is always more to learn, willing to look at yourself completely, with acceptance, and become, or remain, open to receive - even when sitting in the "hot seat"

            …want to find your very own unique version of true freedom

This style of holistic coaching work is NOT for you if you…

            …are looking for a quick fix (although sometimes small changes create massive transformations in very little time – awesome to witness)

            …think you already know everything there is to know about yourself, your loved ones, your business, your career, and it’s about changing someone else

            …are set on changing someone else

            …think you have tried everything

            …are not open to trying new things or even same/similar things you have tried in the past

            …prefer to stay stuck in your story

            …are “the boss” in some or all facets of life and unwilling to be coachable

            …do not want to challenge yourself

            …do not want to step out of your comfort zones or take risks

            …do not feel you could use a neutral eye on areas that are disturbing the peace

            …are not craving connection

            …are not interested in relationships based on truth

            …are not interested in being part of a greater collective consciousness

            …do not want to BE the change in this world

            …have no desire to live free


Freedom is the name of the game.

Let's collaborate and co-create your own unique version of an extraordinary life well lived.