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Action is the Answer


Action is the Answer

Action is the antidote to fear.

Put yourself in an environment where the people around you are moving and in action.

When you take action you are metabolizing that energy, and you’re beginning to feel the movement. Feel that forward momentum.

It keeps you out of your head, leading from the heart, and moving forward. Even if just a little bit more than you were moving yesterday.

The fear-based thinking will still creep in. 

Here’s a big secret: It never goes away.

But the more you practice stepping into it and through it, it gets a little bit less scary and you come out the other side... with only a few bruises ;)

In the best of environments, you’re also supported full-circle in taking radical self-responsibility - a perfect place to grow your existence within all realms into a fully expressed life.

In this type of environment, it is an EVEN playing field. No one above, no one below.

When we rely on ourselves versus any partners, boyfriends, husband or wives, brothers or sisters, aunts or second cousins we find interdependence. Interdependence, a beautiful middle ground where we can squarely see codependency and independency on either end. We all sway one way or the other. The middle path is where we strive to be.

Action leads to becoming self-reliant, self-fulfilled, and therefore truly free. It is up to each of us individually.

First, find your fear.

Second, get curious and investigate where it’s coming from…

I found one root of my fear HERE.

Second, embracing that fear, take action. It might just turn out to be less scary, and even quite exhilarating once you do.

So get out here. Get moving.

Hint: Keep in mind that too much action is also out of balance. And equally hints at lack of self-worth. Yogis you know that either way, this is reference to manipura, the third chakra. Another topic we will cover another time.

If you’re still dreaming about what you want to do and wallowing around in why it hasn’t all magically happened out of thin air yet…

Action is the Answer

There are times when it all seems impossible. But this is YOUR one big life and no one can take it away from you except you.

Comment below on how you plan to take action today.

Feeling stuck? Reach out today.

(There you go, that too is taking action!)