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COMMUNITY: Conversation with Change Maker, Christian Bonello

Excited to share this chat with my friend, Christian Bonello, on the quick-paced transformation we’ve experienced over the past 6 months in what we do. CB (as we like to call him) shares his personal journey... now working remotely, moved from Australia to beautiful Bali, connecting with like-minded people doing amazing work in this world, claiming inner and outer freedom - our birthright, yes?!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I’ve added this layer to my holistic health line-up giving me the ability to create much more impact, currently working from my favorite Ski Town, USA 🏂⛷

Check it:


I was invited to attend an event at Summit Powder Mountain last week that has once again reaffirmed all I do, all I live, all I practice, all I teach, coach and consult.  Flow Genome Project curated a group of individuals from around the world including neuroscientists, novelists, pro athletes, professional dancers, yoga teachers, holistic coaches, functional medicine doctors, leading psychologists, therapists, energy workers, entrepreneurs, forerunners in technology, food/wine/hospitality pros, and members of global powerhouses such as the National Security Agency to come together in the name of research, healing, and making well people better. This group of humans consisted of some of the most brilliant minds and bodies I have ever encountered while simultaneously being absolutely the most humble. I was personally beyond humbled to be included and beyond inspired by each and every one of the individuals in attendance. The guys at Aether Camp hosted us where we indulged in various modalities to embrace embodied cognition and progressive practices … “training brains to find minds”.  An intensive week of exploring weightlessness by way of equipment created for this specific research as well as acro yoga, yoga, breathwork, conscious communication both non-verbal (energetic) and verbal, leadership, mindsets, human dynamics, energy work specific to releasing trauma, mysticism, several more progressive practices, love, plus deep deep discussions on, as well as rare insight into, the state of the world. Phew!! As I love to say, individually and globally, everything is connected. I look forward to sharing what I continue to learn. Come along with me… and stay tuned for more as we drive down the avenue of neuroscience psych performance research… I look forward to meeting you.

I leave a couple of quotes here that came to mind during this experience from a prior project I may decide to revive:

In yoga, … “we discover that in quieting the excessive energy of the mind, we tap a vitality that is vibrant yet centered, and truly authentic.”  -Maty Ezraty, Founder, YogaWorks

“The community itself is extremely innovative. One of the reasons for that is because of its basic ethos… skateboarding… it’s kind of like the open source community… it’s about authenticity.”  -Rodney Mullen, Engineer, Skate Brand Owner, Pro Skater