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Fear + Perfectionism

I was thinking a lot about fear while backcountry skiing recently. I live in a mountain town where skiers, snowboarders and pro athletes are put on pedestals non-stop. I moved here in 1993 and have known many of these souls up close and personal for over 25 years.

Most people would not consider these folks fearful of much, right?

Hucking your body off of cliffs and into couloirs makes you a big deal around here. And internationally within the worlds of “flow”, performance, and quite frankly most alpha driven communities of all kinds, it’s the same story, different decade.

Funny thing is, they just might not be so fearless within all other realms of life.

And more often than not, they are held back by FEAR as often as the average Joe.

Further enlightening news…

A lot of the time, they are scared shitless about dropping off of said cliff being filmed by whoever, leading to hiding and numbing themselves in their private lives on a daily basis in order to continue being a “hero”.

Same with Marines and various war vets… anyone being praised for being fearless in only one dimension can be literally killing themselves on the inside. Plenty of now public stories about these people keeping up public personas of the hero, and often simultaneously the “good times guy” (or girl), have surfaced in recent years.

My “thing” connected to fear that holds me back is Perfectionism. As an athlete, I’ve jumped many of the same hurdles those guys have physically, yet my fear of messing up in other realms of life is what has held me back.

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