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Such a fake little friend

Competitive Kid Gymnast


Straight A’s

First Born + Female

Southern Born + Bred

Motivated + Ambitious


Can you relate?

Perfectionist streak highly imprinted.

Perfectionism leading to masking a lot of the not-so-pretty parts of life. 

It took a long time for me to understand that perfectionism actually holds us back. A LOT. 

Trained to present perfectly, we tend to be really hard on ourselves. 

But we have to get over ourselves… That we have to get everything perfectly right, straight and correct before we present whatever it is, and ourselves, to the world is kinda crazy.

The truth is that within perfectionism is a WOUND of not being good enough. What comes up is FEAR. It sure is a warped understanding … this need to present perfectly.

We must allow ourselves the GRACE to make mistakes, show up without makeup, make mistakes in writing and communications of all kinds, go easier on ourselves, and TRUST.

Keep showing up. It’s not about you.

Trust the PERFECTION of who you really are.

That fake little friend still rings me up to see if I’m still game for a chat.

Sometimes I answer, sometimes I don’t.

No one is perfect. No one is successful all of the time within all realms. No one has it all figured out. 

BUT - we can shift our relationship to perfection by creating inner and outer freedom.

Oh. Yes. We. Can.

(Photo from a few months ago deep in weeks of 12-hour production days in a basement with fluorescent lighting - YUCK. Thankful to have shifted my work up and out of dungeons of all kinds.)

True perfection seems imperfect,

yet it is perfectly itself.

True fullness seems empty,

yet it is fully present.

True straightness seems crooked.

True wisdom seems foolish.

True eloquence seems to stutter.

The Master allows things to happen.

She shapes events as they come.

She steps out of the way

and lets the Tao speak for itself.

-Lao Tzu-