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I Let Too Much Go...


“Let go”, they say.

But I think I actually CAVED.

I experienced the loss of my younger sister last year.

It took me out of commission.

In the process, I let go of too much.

Staring at the horizon, battling brain fog, watching related fallout fall out all around me.

Rolling with the punches. 

Being adaptable. Being flexible. Being accommodating.

Not much energy leftover to stand my own ground.

I caved to the many wants and needs of others.

I caved. 

I did that. 

I caved to everything going on around me.

I gave in instead of firmly standing up for myself, supporting myself and my own needs.


No worry that I clearly had zero energy for much.

No one else with an eye on my business, work, career, or livelihood.

How could I do that ?!

“Don’t be hard on yourself.”, they say.

But my pocketbook is what took the biggest hit.

A big deal to say the least.

Everything else, thankfully, MIRACULOUSLY, stayed in tact.

Or so I thought.

No miracles, though. I had actually put what little attention and energy I could muster into everything else around me.

In the process, I forgot about myself.

“Write. It’s therapeutic.”, they said.

Honestly, I’ve never even been able to stick to a journal. But I knew I needed to start doing something somewhere again - for ME.

I began writing, not knowing where it was going.

Eventually, layering the words into my holistic health work, seeking solutions to not only re-build my clientele, but also double-down and rebuild so much lost during a long grieving period coupled with the ongoing fallout.

And YES, my caving to support others first. 

Why do we, especially as women, do that?!

Self-employment is amazing. But life happens. 

Once in a lifetime, life just might be too much.

I learned that even though well-prepared within the financial realm, I wasn’t untouchable. In all transparency, it wasn’t the first time that even though I had done ALL of the things I was taught to do, with plenty to fall back on, I found that I wasn’t untouchable. 

It also wasn’t the first time I caved to meet the wants, and a few needs, of others FIRST instead of properly caring for myself. 


NOW - Everything has shifted. 

I let go. 

I caved.

But I also TRUSTED the process.

… Feeling fortunate today to be able to share an educational platform that supports people in creating permanent lifestyle shifts, creating freedom, by leveraging the world wide web, working location-free should they choose 🏖

… Feeling fortunate to have found a superb way to leverage what I have by working smart, remaining self-sufficient, and becoming more knowledgable and well-prepared than ever before 🤑

… Feeling fortunate to be given the gift of mentoring others through the exact same process 👩🏼‍🏫

I’ve learned… again…

Go easy on yourself when you let too much go.

Go easy on yourself when you F up.

Go easy on yourself when you’ve caved too much in serving and supporting others.

It’s all part of the human experience. 

Trust the process.
Trust what is around the next corner.
Trust that life is working FOR us.
Trust in taking care of ourselves first.
So that we can continue to take care of others.
What else is there?

JOIN ME. Take care of YOU first. If everything you know today… job, relationship, business, everything… was gone tomorrow, would you be prepared? The Freedom Movement is here to set us all up for success.

Travel Well,
Inside & Out,