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Last fall - I drew the line in the sand.


Admittedly, it wasn't the first time

Just as I was deeply challenging myself within my work and simultaneously dropping into another intensive training to uplevel my skill sets...

My younger sister passed away.

I managed to complete the training, which was incredible, but spent months in a fog.

Over the summer, I realized the way I was managing my career was fine until hit with something so intense.

I began seeking a new strategy and system I could plug into so that I could be, do and create more…

Better protecting and serving myself and my loved ones down the line.

In searching, I found a friend having wonderful success.

She too, had been on the hunt for about seven months.

Hungry for change. Eager to shift circumstances. Open to taking radical responsibility and drop stories.

She was ready to embrace entrepreneurial endeavors to better support two kids as a single mom.

I was ready to better leverage what I had already created being self-employed, plus better meet the needs of my new family.

Both of us also seeking further internal support based on our lifestyles with one singular vision.…

True Freedom.

Freedom is living your life with choice, flexibility, and being unapologetically YOU.

Freedom is whole-heartedly committed to "no one above, no one below".

Harnessing COURAGE to transition from WHERE YOU ARE NOW...

...within work, relationships, health, social life, environments, location, overall wellbeing

...acknowledging the parts of life not quite moving you to your highest potential

To arrive at WHERE YOU WANT TO BE.

It’s all about the Inner Game.

It’s all about boundaries. It’s all about clarity. And consistency.

Is what you are doing TODAY going to give you your ideal life in 2, 5 or 10 years from now?


Listen to your last thought upon reading that sentence.

If this resonates with you, message me today.

If you are exhausted of doing it all alone…

Or perhaps still craving real collaboration…

Or interested in rubbing elbows further with your truest tribe members...

Creating together on the same level and in the spirit of co-opetion versus competion.

Just like I was…

Let me know below in the comments.

Myself and my team would love to support you in accelerating your success 💎