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What a few weeks in Jackson Hole ❄️❄️❄️ Game-changer Alert

It's been deeeeeep out there! Winter is upon us in a huge way this season and I am elated to be able spend so much time riding with my tried and true snow crew.

Thank you for staying tuned as the evolution of holistic health continues for myself, my clients and my peers. First, my holistic health coaching business launched in 2014. Followed by Après Sessions in 2016 bringing coaches to companies such as Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Plus teaching yoga for the pure love of sharing the practice... it's been an incredible ride.

As fresh faces join this Freedom Movement, we drop into our stories and connect on what brought us here today. Truly, what we do, what we love, what we do within our online business, and what we desire.

Before I began my career shift into health and wellness, I knew that even if I was the best in the business like my teachers in Los Angeles, it didn't mean I was going to make great money. You see, my teachers, internationally recognized yoga teachers, coaches and therapists, also became friends while living in Venice, CA, and lamented on this exact topic.

But I knew that I had to trust my gut and change my career to a realm that was truly aligned with my core values - holistic health coaching and consulting plus teaching yoga. However, I also knew there would be more to figure out ...

I did most of the right things growing up:

√  savings
√  retirement funds
√  health insurance

√  stayed out of debt
√  real estate investment
√  self-sufficient since a wee one

... Thought I was protected with all of that in place - learned that I was not.

... My time was always beyond maxed out.

... Thought I could suck up doing what I was doing to keep my lifestyle in check. (No sitting in a cubicle from 8-5pm for this girl.) But I hit the wall with the insane number of hours + toxic industry people. What I was making was no longer worth it. I became burnt out. 

All of which took a great toll on my health and wellbeing by  age 40.

Stress stemming from the '08 Economic Recession plus working waaaaaay too much left me with adrenal fatigue, which led me to rethink and change my career.

With a fair amount of self-employment experience, my coaching business took off. I loved witnessing so much transformation. Fulfilling and with a full client load, it looked great from the outside, but the time + financial reality of the inside was still not computing. Same as my teachers, friends and peers in L.A. and around the globe.

Yup. That secret is OUT.

Add in this quickly evolving financial environment we are all experiencing, suddenly things are getting really REAL. Even for those globally recognized faces we know and love.

I followed my heart, but I knew it was time to shift. I  made the decision to follow the leaders into a slew of online courses and group coaching. But in all honestly that route never fully resonated with me for several reasons. (I do now employ some of those tactics, stay tuned.) Then both tragedy and transition struck, making the call for course correction once again.

I continued to seek a better way. For me. At this point in life.

It has certainly been validating beyond measure to see many of my peers within wellness and yoga, with decades more experience than I, moving their businesses ONLINE.

Seekers Find Solutions

Today, I limit coaching and teaching as I hit the same hard cap on income that many of my teachers and peers hit within this traditional exchange of time for income. Without a traditional dual-income family, and even with, the traditional model is simply no longer sustainable in this day and age as we watch everything else in the world increase in cost exponentially with little hope of governmental support for us to lean on like our parents and grandparents.

Today, I have an online business which helps people to create wealth online, solving the time >< income issue, which in turn helps to activate, boost, and catalyze what we all desire to do in real time - our ANALOG PASSIONS - both work and play, every single day.

I work within an online wealth building platform, leveraging social media using high-end affiliate programs (no selling), working with and supporting multi-passionate, super smart, super giving, and super FUN people.

Everything is connected.

If work and play do not feel connected AND in balance, then there it is! The first step to solving the problem is RECOGNITION. Recognition and awareness that one area is taking away from another area rather than supporting and enabling the growth and abundance of BOTH.

Thank you endlessly for your support as this more introverted soul steps into reaching far more people by stepping FAR out of my comfort zone with this Facebook LIVE highlighting holistic health with a spotlight on the financial realm.

Stay tuned as next time I will share my convo with a girlfriend visiting from Colorado who is a single mom with FULL custody of her child.

This lady boss has:

• waited tables (pre-marriage & baby)

• worked as a successful realtor in two of the wealthiest towns (by far) in the U.S.

• followed her heart to make more of a difference by becoming a transformational coach

• followed her heart again & again, tapping into her creative side working in fashion and art

Like so many of us:

• Multi-passionate 

• Successful

• Vast desire to make good happen in this world 

• Hella responsibility sitting on her lap as a single mom with full custody

• Navigating how to be financially self-supported while financially THRIVING without losing every ounce of her TIME

How do we bridge this ever-increasing gap?

If what I am saying resonates with you, please reach out to me today.

To me, this IS "holistic health" when we TRULY address and solve problems within ALL realms of life for as many beings as we can. No one above. No one below.

If nothing else, I think we would all love more FaceTime. In person. Analog. Real Time. 

Ironically, online business, with a healthy mindset, supportive practices and clear boundaries in place, can give us just that.

I’d love to hear about what YOU would  love to be doing all day every day. Give me a shout.