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Off the grid a couple summers ago somewhere on the California coast with no cell or wifi reception. Camping, hiking, surfing, gritty, dropping into rest and recovery after two intense years of digging deep and creating massive change.

But there were still a couple areas I needed to get clear on.

  1. my relationship

  2. $$$ my hour to income exchange ratio $$$

If we don’t get clear about what we believe we deserve, then trust me - it doesn’t happen. 

In this line of work, we get very clear on our PURPOSE and how it relates to our Financial Realm. Once clear, it becomes more realistic and we can start to create a strategy to achieve.

The fun part is that this is about far more than just money. However, money is the crucial element to create the time, finances and freedom to support our purpose, yes?

Believing we deserve to receive *proper* funds is the part of the process that actually allows it to happen. BOOM 💥

Many of us have money stories that need to be shifted in order to achieve the freedom we desire.

I grew up with stories handed down that firmly imprinted:

~ Money is hard to get

~ When you get it, you better not spend it

~ You’d best put it directly into the savings account

~ Money is definitely not meant to spend on anything FUN

~ Money definitely does not grow on trees

And the clincher…

~ I don’t know how you’re gonna get it, but it’s all up to you to figure out

Once clear on what we DESIRE, we can ask ourselves this powerful question.

… Who do I need to become to be able to create and receive that 5, 10, 20, 50k per month?

… How do I need to show up every day in every way? Mindset, beliefs, thoughts, words, actions, behaviors.

This is how we move into further self-responsibility, self-starting, and leveling up across all realms of life. 

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