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Know Your Worth & Make Shi(f)t Happen

All too many times, I’ve been asked to work for less…


... Less than the going rate…
... Less than what a brand new yoga teacher is instructed to bill for straight out of their first yoga teacher training with zero teaching experience
... Less than the national average while living in the wealthiest county in the nation (ski town people, I know you can relate)
... Less than what the guys on the same team are making - while doing the more tedious versus more glorious parts of the same exact jobs

Sound familiar?


It is high time we all come to the understanding that we must command what we are worth. 

We have education, we have hella experience, and watering down ANY industry for oneself does nothing for the overall industry, our peers, our communities.


So that you can make sh*t happen.

Welcome to the opportunity to quickly shift this all too common phenomenon.

• Being self-employed changes a large percentage of being at the mercy of others.

• Gaining tools to stay the course in knowing your worth and never settling for less is key.

• Being part of a community that is laser-focused on the financial realm AND humanity is the beautiful bonus.

You have everything you need.

I will support you in making this SHI(F)T happen.

Send me a note telling me WHY you would like to make shift happen today. Togther we can