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Many moons ago, I was offered the opportunity to visit this immensely gorgeous land… I said YES.


I took the risk.

One of my greatest fears over time after relocating to these grand mountains became whether I had made the right choice. (I did, I did.)

Why? Because my biggest fear in life is REGRET.

Regret of not honing in on my true purpose
Or not seeing the people around me succeed 
Or not living the lifestyle I desire to live
Or not having pushed artistic endeavors into the world
Or not creating the time to do what I desire
Or not traveling again like I did throughout my 20’s

This FEAR of REGRET is what 
… pushed me to drive away from my homeland at 22 to explore greener pastures
… urged me to teach myself to snowboard and surf
… drove me to start both unsuccessful and successful businesses
… convinced me to NEVER SETTLE ever ever again (because at times I had... which resulted in regret)
… motivated me to step into THIS exact next amazing realm of AWESOMENESS before I hit the BIG 5O (yes - 50 years old is coming soon - what??)

What also drives me to take chances and step into unfamiliar territories is the fear of being trapped, suffocated, squashed down, drowning in life's to-do lists, working overtime forever, controlled, with little extra time for FUN... unfree. 


Imagine it actually WORKING OUT.

Step into that visual, let yourself feel it, immerse yourself into that feel-good truth and OWN it.

Take a chance. Take a risk.