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Travelling Well by Surfing Today


We nod to the ancient wisdom of nomadic people who knew how to travell well. While leaning progressive, we use this archaic spelling of ‘travell’ to tip our hats to those who came before us. They did not question “WTF?” when up against the challenges of a constantly shifting lifestyle. Adaptability and flexibility were the name of the game.

Much like surfing, the environment of a transient being, nomad, or vanlifer is constantly shifting. The waves are all different. Different in size. Different in force. Some roll slow and some close out hard and fast. The temperature or the wind can shift on a dime. The wind kicks up or the sun suddenly shines and your whole experience changes. The temperature of the water can also vary day to day. So any expectations must be left behind. You never really know what the waves will bring unless you get out there. As they say, “You don’t know, until you go.” Expect nothing, gain everything.

Translating surfing to life is great encouragement to relax, lower expectations of any kind, simultaneously challenge ourselves and then notice how we react. How do we adapt to self-inflicted change? How do we adapt to change beyond our control? Are we flexible? Are we rigid? Are we open? Do we shut down? Do we roll with it or do we become uptight?

Once we notice, we can begin to look for tools and techniques to manage our reactions and potentially place ourselves in the right place at the right time to efficiently and effectively ride those waves and in life, find that fine middle line.

Above all, to travel well, we must stay in today, surfing one day at a time. Train your mind, find your freedom. Let’s après.

Originally published on Medium.