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If You Flow You Know // Flow Genome Project


My backgrounds in actions sports and yoga led me, through friends, to the initial launch of Flow Genome Project. I was blown away. I thought, "These guys are onto what I'm onto!". I had been geeking out on this stuff for years in my Venice, CA bungalow and had suddenly found my people outside of a ski town that cared about not much more than finding flow for themselves and touting accomplishments as athletes. As a former competitive gymnast, and funtime snowboarder, surfer, mountain biker, and trail runner, I knew this place, now commonly called flow, deep in my bones. Years later, as a yogi attending top notch yoga classes in Los Angeles, I surprisingly and thankfully found that same place. That same place of transcendence where everything else falls away and there is nothing but silence and peace.

I also noticed the difference in that place within sports where everything is static and there is almost zero risk - and the sports/movements where (it seems to me) there is much more embodiment, as well as a need for much greater focus due to constant changes (like surfing ocean waters where everything is in motion and the waves are never the same) and significant risk (good potential for broken bones or death - literally). Not to mention the great challenge of where the mind goes when you must stay still - try a yoga class where poses are held for so long you feel like you're going to lose your sh*t. In yoga coincidentally, focus is the step prior to meditation is the step prior to transcendence. See where we are going with this?

However, I didn't know what exactly was going on nor how to explain it. I was reallllllllly good at getting into this headspace, but I'm not a neuroscientist and had never really bothered to study these experiences until then.

I just knew that it was life saving.

I knew that if more people had a way to access these states, the world just might be a better place. At the time, 2013, I was in the process of creating a non-profit connecting yoga and action sports together for this exact reason. (Maybe that project will someday be officially birthed.) But a broken tib/fib changed my course as I was unable to teach/lead for a couple years with two major surgeries 11 months apart.

Enter Flow Genome Project. I touched base back then even though they were not offering courses or anything yet - it was still a research project and a bit of a who's who boys club at the time, so I moved on. But everything they were doing and saying, under the surface (even today the website still doesn't do the full project justice), was yoga. The philosophy, psychology and physiology specifically are all found within yoga - not just the physical practice, asana, but all eight limbs of yoga. As a holistic health coach, their constant nod to the "whole" and their eventually saying 'Fuck It' let's just call it what it is (yay!).... well... fast forward to a few years later, and I am honored to be a mentor within their course offerings this spring. Session "Flow Fundamentals" for a test drive. "Flow Performance" will stoke you out much more. Questions? #SessionIt