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After writing a lengthy opening blog, I can scratch that and sum it up with the fact that we are all handed very different paths. Some far more difficult than others. When the waves keep coming, we must learn to surf! My waters have been far from calm. I feel lucky that someone taught me early on how to at least tread water. But I really had to teach myself to surf.

Not super interested in putting a microscope on my day-to-day as I would rather be out there CREATING and DOING than a constant slave to digital devices. But will tap in and do my best to share. While I love technology, and blogging and Instagram can be super important in terms of work, I have a wee bit more love for analog. 

I changed my career a few years ago by moving away from marketing clients in other industries to a focus on marketing wellness clientele. Gained yoga teacher certifications, gained a holistic health coaching certification, and dropped into multiple super progressive courses confirming that all I have been studying on my own for years has steered me down the right path. Many many years spent researching, practicing, in side-study and self-study, within areas such as holistic health, wellness, embodied cognition, psychology, neurobiology, pharmacology and yes, even technology. Excited to continue to learn, share, teach, coach, consult and connect. Much to come. Stay tuned. Keep surfing!